Turkish Yagcibedir Cicim Kilim

5ft. 5in. x 7ft. 7in.

Of the tribal groups that came to occupy Northeastern Anatolia, the Yagcibedir are justifiably famous for their weaving abilities. Now forcibly settled in villages east of Bergama, such as Sindirgi, the women have continued to weave a variety of textiles.

This particular kilim which uses a Zili brocade weave is frequently refered to in the trade as Verneh, an appelation that has led to some unfortunate confusion, since the name Verneh more approriately applies to a Caucasian kilim group that uses a similiar weave. Thus pieces like this one were often, in the past, ascribed to the Caucasus instead of the Bergama region and most specifically in this case the Yagcibedir.

The quality of wool and colors is very typical of this region.  More unusual is the design which uses a variety of distinctive motifs, most prominently the large octagonal S-shaped forms that are reminiscent of the dragons or could be a reference to the ancient Yin-Yang symbol.

  • Size Group:5x7