Oushak (Usak), Turkey stands alone as the most important weaving center in the history of floor art and was noted as far back as 1271 in The Travels of Marco Polo.  Experts estimate the first weavers migrated there in the 11th century giving it the distinction of having the longest known continuous production of any city.  However, creation of rugs in the area nearly disappeared during the early part of the twentieth century and remained extremely limited until 1978 when the first rug of our "Authentic Oushak Collection" arrived off the loom.

Eventually over half a million square feet was produced and those remaining today represent some of the only real Oushak rugs still available. These pieces feature a robust, high quality, long staple wool pile with patterns, colors and textures derived from 17th century museum pieces. Unlike many imitations named Oushak, the design elements and historical accuracy as well as the origin of these rugs makes them the direct descendants of a most important Turkish textile art. READ MORE...

9ft. 8in. x 12ft. 4in.
9ft. 4in. x 11ft. 9in.
8ft. 9in. x 12ft. 1in.
10ft. 0in. x 12ft. 8in.
9ft. 11in. x 12ft. 2in.
9ft. 5in. x 10ft. 9in.
8ft. 4in. x 9ft. 9in.
10ft. 10in. x 12ft. 2in.
7ft. 0in. x 8ft. 7in.
6ft. 5in. x 9ft. 9in.
7ft. 4in. x 9ft. 5in.
9ft. 1in. x 12ft. 10in.