In the presence of wonderful folk art one gains an awareness of the passion and life of the artisan and although examples of craftsmanship can express character only those with the proper lineage have that special cultural significance. New or revived, only an indigenous people utilizing authentic resources can properly derive that soul of the artistry and culture true to the pure form.

Through woven floor art the traditions of a people are purposefully expressed and perceived, created and utilized. Maintaining purity in heritage, folk character and craftsmanship has been our objective while creating an exclusive collection of uniquely tribal and village handwork we call our “Turkish Revival Collection”.

Directly imported from the original weaving villages and towns, these treasures of the orient are not available from any other source or by any other means.

7ft. 10in. x 8ft. 9in.
6ft. 10in. x 9ft. 7in.
7ft. 8in. x 9ft. 7in.
7ft. 9in. x 9ft. 6in.
7ft. 7in. x 10ft. 6in.
7ft. 10in. x 10ft. 2in.
7ft. 9in. x 10ft. 6in.
7ft. 6in. x 10ft. 1in.
7ft. 3in. x 9ft. 10in.
7ft. 1in. x 10ft. 5in.
3ft. 7in. x 4ft. 4in.
8ft. 3in. x 12ft. 4in.