Ethnic utilitarian hand crafted objects often reflect the cultural of a people. Many develop unique color and design evolving over time and geographic space. In the world of weaving the Kilim represents one of the most significant items of this kind. Uses include floor, wall, window and furniture coverings, bags, pillows, clothing, cradles, horse blankets, and in a most important aspect of culture the dowry. We present our “Antique Kilim Collection” unrivaled and the best of the best in this category of ethnic art. This is a premier offering selected from among tens of thousands of antique and semi-antique pieces over a quarter of a century ago in Turkey for a private collection.

3ft. 9in. x 4ft. 7in.
3ft. 10in. x 5ft. 3in.
3ft. 3in. x 4ft. 11in.
2ft. 4in. x 3ft. 9in.
2ft. 9in. x 3ft. 7in.
5ft. 3in. x 5ft. 9in.
3ft. 10in. x 6ft. 3in.
3ft. 7in. x 5ft. 4in.
3ft. 3in. x 3ft. 11in.
3ft. 5in. x 3ft. 6in.
3ft. 10in. x 5ft. 8in.
3ft. 6in. x 6ft. 8in.